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One show is all it takes. 

This Texas woman is a Strong, Independent, and Sassy Singer/Songwriter. She was Born and Raised in Houston, TX but, Fort Worth, TX is where she calls home. From singing on a stage in her bedroom that her father built her, to singing at big performances such as Houston Rodeo and auditioning for American Idol. Madison Paige Country is no-joke. 

She speaks of heartache, bullying, and love through her music. Madison says, 'Everything she writes is and will always be raw and truth-telling'. She started singing at the age of two and began guitar at the age of ten. She is self-taught with both. She continues to open the opportunity to learn new instruments. 

Although music is a love and passion that comes with a wide range of publicity, Madison uses it positively. She focuses on pushing Anti-bullying and teaches women and little girls to be natural. She knows fans out there idolize her and she plans to be a good role model throughout her whole career. Madison idolized Carrie Underwood and Leann Rimes growing up. Now she idolizes even more women such as Tenille Townes, Jewel, Jo Dee Messina. 

Madison has a drive like no other. She has the grind and determination to make it to the next finish line. With every show, she shows why she deserves to walk in the path of many other music legends out there who have paved the way for artists like her. She loves what she does and makes sure her fans are loving it too. This isn't just an ordinary Texas Woman, This is Madison Paige Country. 

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